"In hopes to offer insight as to how I’ve embraced my identity beyond the microphone, I published a collection of poetry and prose as a chapbook entitled Bloodline. These pieces I’ve have become a living artifact demonstrating a journey of learning lineage as a first generation, Afghan-Muslim American, hoping to belong on land that’s once rejected me. 


The first section of my chapbook: Origins, establishes the lense of Islam and Afghan culture I was exposed to. Section two:Witness, explores the familiarities of culture in my home. Topics include generational trauma and a disconnect of portrayed patriotic values. Becoming, the closing section of Bloodline is the embracement of various identities I live within.


I pray these poems offer insight, growth, and forgiveness into your heart. Thank you for supporting my work!"


Signed Copy.

Bookmark included.

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

34 Pages (front and back)

Hand Assembled.


Cover Design by Tung Thahn Tran.


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